5 reasons to do plank exercise everyday

Plank is one of the most effective bodyweight exercises that has always shown great results. It is easy to follow everyday as it doesnt require a lot of time and isnt very complicated once start doing it regularly.

Your core strength will improve

Plank works on the deep core muscles which enagages all the major core muscles group. The abdominal muscles become stronger as you lose fat and they become tighter eventually. This is a great exercise if you are trying to build up those abs! Plank variations also help to strengthen your oblique muscles which can shape your waist. Apart from strength, flexibility increases in your posterior muscle group.

Your posture and balance improves

Core controls the balance of the body. When your core is strong, your body is able to maintain that equilibrium and bring stability to your body. Your balance gets better with regular practice variations of plank like shoulder plank or side plank. With a stronger core, your posture improves significantly as your core has an effect on back, shoulder and chest muscles too.

Your back will become stronger

One of the great benefits of plank is it strengthens your back too along with your core, especially the upper back. It reduces the chances on back injury thereby.

Your metabolism will increase

When you do 10 sets of 1 minute plank everyday, you will witness increased metabolism all day. Your metabolic rates will remain high all day.

Your mental health will improve

Planks provide instant stress relief. Wonder how? Planks have an effect on the muscles that contribute to anxiety and stress in the body.

Like any other form of exercise, this should be performed under the guidance of a a professional trainer. Hire professional trainer to get started on your journey towards fitness.


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