Eating healthy but can’t loose weight?

A lot of my clients complain that they eat light food, eat right and include a lot of veggies in their diet but they still don’t loose weight.

One of the most important things to do is to make a note what you are eating and drinking for the entire week. When you have a log in front you, you can then know what perhaps needs to be corrected. While the perfect solution can vary case by case, here are some tips to follow if you aren’t already:

Keep yourself hydrated

I cannot emphasise enough on the importance of water intake in the body. Water not only keeps your body free from toxins but also helps you to lose weight. By drinking water you dont feel hungry all the time and hence your calorie intake is reduced.

Get enough protein

Design your meals such that you get enough amount of protein depending on your body weight and lifestyle. I recommend to take help of an expert to design this for you.

Eat in intervals

Having food at the right time and right intervals is important. Do not skip your meals to lose weight. You might end up gaining weight on the contrary! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Start your day with eating right. Have your lunch on time. Have something with your high tea in the evening and have dinner 4 hours before your bedtime. The key rule is to have a lavish breakfast like a king and dinner like a pauper.

Eat smart and cheat less

Many people have a sweet tooth and there is nothing wrong about it. The whole idea is to eat smart. There are many healthy dessert recipes available which can satisfy your taste buds and yet don’t make you put on weight. On your cheat day too, eat smart and in reasonable quantity. For eg, if you are having a pizza on your cheat day, have a bowl of salad alongwith. With this,  you will enjoy the pizza too but in reasonable quantity as you know you have to finish your salad too.

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