Yoga for mind

With thousands of things going around you, your mind never really stops its activities. Work pressure, social pressure, who-said-whats always keep your mind occupied. While we all have a day off, our mind deserves some relaxation too so that it could work in a more productive way where it is required.

So how does this constant chatter stop? Well, the answer is our very own ancient yoga. Yoga has enormous benefits that one can realize. To start with, yoga has some great breathing exercises (Pranayama) like Kapalbhaarti that help you concentrate and clam your mind. Practising concentration with yoga is difficult initially, especially for vulnerable minds but you need to train yourself slowly and focus.

Meditation in¬†is mostly done with the famous “Aum” chant and eyes closed which calms your mind and lets your forget the hustle that was going on in your mind. When performed in the surroundings of nature, it brings the best results and best satisfaction.


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